Juliet Lawson


“She writes a cryptic commentary on our lives.”

Three of them living down the old dirt road 
At the back of the very last century
Three the likes we won’t see again
A part of our recent history
Two were married for fifty years
The other one never got wed

Three of them living in a big old house
With the mice and the cold and the damp
The weekly trip they'd  share the wheel;
The superstore or the bank
With the dogs that stiffened through the years
And still refused to die
All these days are gone
All these days are gone

Accepting it’s a brave new world
The new technologies
They watch the soaps go round and round
They do their tapestry 
The wars they come and wars they go
It’s all on live TV

All these days are gone
All these days
Are gone gone gone gone
They spoke of when they met the Queen
In 1955
The world was at a tipping point
But the three of them survived
And now they draw their pension
So glad to be alive

All these days etc

Three of them living in obscurity
The life they knew is dead
Echoes of their children
Scattered beyond the edge
So now they let the grass grow high
Behind that goddam hedge

All these days are gone
All these days are gone gone gone


Words and music copyright Juliet Lawson, 2013

Saw a light in the window
Saw the note on the door
Saw you weren’t smiling
We’ve been here before

So I’ll keep on walking
Until I reach the sea
There’s a twist in every corner
No guarantee

I keep listening to the headlines
I can’t turn off the news
We can’t pretend it doesn’t matter
We can’t afford to lose

We live inside the moment
And disregard the rest
We spend the time in maybe
A calculated guess

I can’t listen to the bloodshed
It’s an ancient ugly old tune
The conspiracies of every day
Permeate the room

Whoever writes the endings
Whoever writes the songs
Whatever happens next out there
This world goes on and on
This world goes on
Above my tired old eyes
A multitude of butterflies

I see lights there in the distance
I see shadows cross the sand
They promised us a miracle
Just because they can

So I kept on walking 
And now I’ve reached the sea
From sunrise to sunset
Che sera will be
Just to please my tired old eyes
Love among the butterflies 

See the light in the window
See the note on the door,
Ah, you are smiling now
We’ve been here before
This world goes on and one
This world goes on


Words and music copyright Juliet Lawson, 2014

Spend my life trying to be somebody different
All my days being somebody else
Always I’m the one in the middle
Nobody special
Nobody else
Would anyone like me more if I was a little bit cooler
Would anyone like me less if I was not so nice
Would anyone care if my teeth weren’t perfect
Celebrate the difference

There’s only one of you
There’s only one of me
Only one of all of us
That’s what I see
Only one of everyone
No two are the same
Celebrate the difference
Vive la difference

Some think I’m weird
Some say she’s crazy
But I found my patch of clear blue sky 
I don’t do ties
I don’t do labels
If I couldn’t laugh
You know I’d cry

Would anyone like me more
If I joined the circle
iIf I jumped right in
and joined the club
but your face don’t fit 
And your shoes ain’t sassy
Dare to be different

There’s only one of you
Only one of me
There’s only one of all of us
Your own ID
That’s what it takes
To be an original
Dare to be different
Vive la difference

Didn’t come here
To fit the template
Didn’t sign up
To be someone’s clone
My thoughts are mine
No one else”s
Be an individual
Make it your own

Repeat 1st chorus
There’s only of you etc